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Highlights from the Collection - Museum is a meeting place

01 December 2021 - 25 June 2022
Highlights from the Collection - Museum is a meeting place

The museum is a meeting place...

Artworks from the permanent collection of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum celebrates the diversity of the collection through a selection of oil paintings, prints, ceramics, Chinese watercolor paintings, traditional Eastern Cape beadwork and contemporary sculpture. 

Highlights include an oil painting by Dorothy Kay, large scale silk screen print by Steven Cohen, a sculpture by Jackson Hlungwani and a Chinese ancestor painting from the Qing Dynasty. 

The Mendi Tryptic, a large scale oil painting produced by Hillary Graham is also on display. The work is a pictorial memorial to the men who died on 21 February 1917 when the troopship, SS Mendi, carrying 823 men of the 5th Battalion South African Native Labour Corps sunk off the coast of England. 616 of the brave men, who boarded the ship in South Africa, died in this nautical disaster. 

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