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View Here Today, Here Tomorrow Here Today, Here Tomorrow
19 April 2018 TO 31 July 2018

An exhibition showing the difference between Conservation and Restoration of Museum objects, specifically Easel Painting, Ceramics and Works on Paper.

View Art Law Exhibition / Mandela is a Meeting place Art Law Exhibition / Mandela is a Meeting place
09 April 2018 TO 15 June 2018


The year 2018 will mark a major milestone in the incredible story of Nelson Mandela – his centenary. The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum plans to honor his legacy through a series of exhibitions and programs that reflect on values of Mandela and the South African Constitution. The Art Museum’s planned exhibitions celebrate Mandela by reflecting on how artists as the voices of the people and the conscious of the country, have reflected on law and history of South Africa. 

Exhibition Title: ART/LAW – Reflecting through art on our Human Rights past and present 

Opening date: 7 April 2018 – Closing date: 17 June 2018

Brief Description: Artworks reflecting past injustice and the current struggles for freedom and democracy will be selected from the Museum’s permanent collection. Selected works will include works where artists have used their work to talk about the state of emergency, Bantu education, the harsh conditions of mine workers during Apartheid and other important injustices from the past. Contemporary works will include reflections on corruption, social issues like HIV/AIDS and access to resources. The Art Museum has engaged the assistance of the Nelson Mandela University Law Department to assist with a selection of reported cases which will link the themes of the artworks on display to the bill of rights and to specific cases showing law in action past and present. 

Exhibition Title: ART/LAW– Contemporary Voices 

Opening date: 27 June 2018 – Closing date: 31 August 2018

Brief Description: Contemporary local artists will be challenged through a competition to produce new artworks reflecting on current Human Rights related issues in South Africa. Entry forms will be distributed to artists throughout the Eastern Cape. The Entry forms will contain references to individual legal cases that relate to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The exhibition will give contemporary artists the opportunity to reflect on lived experience of law in the country. 

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