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View The power of drawing The power of drawing
21 February 2017 TO 30 June 2017
We all doodle, in meetings, while on the phone or when we are stuck on a question or assignment.   For artists this doodling or drawing is a critical part of the creative process.   Sketching and drawing are considered the primary medium through which artists develop their ideas and techniques.    

Unlike sculpture or oil painting, drawing is immediate and means that an artist can connect eye, hand and mind in an instant process which helps them generate ideas and the form that those ideas are going to take. This exhibition displays both complete and preparatory drawings by William Kentridge, Penny Siopis, Hillary Graham and Fred Page. 

From the Art Museum’s permanent collection.

View Art Museum is a meeting place Art Museum is a meeting place
21 May 2017 TO 11 August 2017

The exhibition pays tribute to the role of the art museum as a conduit for people, art and ideas to meet. 

Artworks are from the Art Museum’s permanent collection.

View Motherhood Motherhood
26 June 2017 TO 31 October 2017

Paying tribute to mothers everywhere, this exhibition explores the theme of motherhood through artworks selected from the Art Museum’s permanent collection.  The exhibition contains artworks which depict the beauty and joy of motherhood alongside works that show the challenges that women face when they become mothers.  On display are artistic tributes to mothers and grandmothers by local artists George Pemba, Maureen deJager, Jennifer Ord and Ethna Frankenfeld.  Christine Dixie’s print series Birthing trays explores childbirth and ritual in Medieval Europe and the history of caesarean sections.  Marc Pradervand’s photo series of Teenage mothers brings to our attention the plight of underage mothers in the Eastern Cape.

Artworks are from the Art Museum’s permanent collection.

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