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Past Educational programmes 

The purpose of school workshops was to introduce visual art and art appreciation to many learners as possible using the Museum collection and also to supplement the art studies curriculum for Grade R-9.

On arrival, learners were given a brief background of the Art Museum and its role as an institution.  After the discussion, learners were taken inside the museum to look and talk about what they see, they were taken on a guided tour of the exhibitions, to observe and talk about artworks around them.  Few artworks on show were selected and used in the lesson. Some Schools came with their on worksheets.
After the guided tour, learners enter the education workshop where the art lesson is presented.

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The Education programme for January - June 2014

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2014 Lesson overview

Grade R

Learners looked and identified shapes, colours and forms in the artworks on display.  For the practical activity learners looked at geometric shapes e.g. circle, square, triangle and rectangle.  They made two-dimensional shapes into a three-dimensional shape by folding coloured construction card. They then joined their 3D shapes to create a sculpture.

Grade 1 – 3 

Learners explored with shapes, form and colour and learnt that they are called elements of art. They explored with these by cutting and pasting coloured card to make a picture of their hand using shapes.  This activity was inspired by an artwork by Clive van Berg of the huge hand made out of wooden pieces. 

Grade 4 – 6

Learners worked with space and shape, two art and design elements.  They learnt about two kinds of space: positive and negative. They learnt all shapes within a work of art have their own unique shape.  They used coloured construction cards to trace and cut the drawing of their hand.  They then took both the negative and positive shapes and pasted it on a white paper to end up with two hands.

Grade 7 – 9

Learners examined portraits on display and discussed art elements used in the artworks.  The objective of the workshop was to teach the learners how to draw portraits from observation.  Learners were encouraged to look carefully at each other’s faces and talked about their features.  Learners were shown systematically how to draw a face.  They were able to make observational pencil drawings looking at each other.

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